Main Features

Servomotor for precise film pulling with 2 belts

Servo motor for horizontal sealing Jaws systems to insure excellent performance and high speed

Touch screen interface for easy use and operation

PLC controller ensures secure operation

Electronic temperature control

Date printer is automatically set.

Photo Mark sensor for registration film.

Safety switch and relay

One piece bag former for quickly format changes, no tools required.


SEVAL Large VFFS machines are some of the latest types of our vertical form fill seal machine.

The overall machine is simple in structure and reliable in control.

It can use two heating modes for the thermal sealing of laminated film (standard version) or single-layer film (PE impulse sealing).

SEVAL Large VFFS work special well together with SEVAL Belt weighing system


Optional devices

Air flushing system

Nitrogen flushing

Gusseted device

Air expeller

Hole punch device

Special sealing jaws

Tear notch device

Material stopper

Bag support

PE sealing system

Vacuum device

Static eliminator

4 lines folding device

Film tracking device

Main Technical Data
Model Seval-S-800 Seval-S-1000 Seval-S-1200
Film Width 340mm to 800mm 500mm to 1000mm 600mm to 1200mm
Bag Width 160mm to 390mm 240mm to 490mm 290mm to 590mm
Bag Length 100mm to 480mm 120mm to 700mm 140mm to 950mm
Packaging Speed Max. 40 bags per minute Max. 35 bags per minute Max. 30 bags per minute
Power Supply 230VAC - 50/60Hz - 5.0Kw 230VAC - 50/60Hz - 5.5Kw 230VAC - 50/60Hz - 6.0Kw
Air Supply 0.6m3/min - 0.6Mpa 0.6m3/min - 0.6Mpa 0.6m3/min - 0.6Mpa
Note 1: Bag length can be increased if VFFS height is changed 
Note 2: Actual packaging speed depend on bag size, film material, product and filling equipment 
Note 3: Simple over all drawing of the packaging machine can be sent by email on request



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